Is Halo Infinite Getting An Early Access Version? Reports Suggest So

An early access version of Halo Infinite has been found online on the Microsoft store.

The “Early Access Digital Bundle” was supposedly added to the store recently, but there’s no confirmation of what it actually is. It looks like a way to play Halo Infinite earlier for an additional cost, but no details were given.

Obviously we should take this with a grain salt until it’s confirmed for real. However, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a big game like this get an early access version. Games like Battlefield have done this before, but it would be the first time for the Halo series.


Early Access

A tweet was posted by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter which shows the store page where this new bundle can be viewed. As you can see below, there’s not much to go off.

If I had to guess, this bundle would include the campaign and multiplayer together. Multiplayer is free in Halo Infinite, so it would be strange to have to pay to play it early. Adding the campaign would make this bundle a lot more desirable for Halo fans who want to get their hands on the game early.

Halo Infinite comes out on December 8th. If this early access version is real we could be playing it earlier, but things could get awkward for some players who were hoping to avoid campaign spoilers. If the campaign is playable sooner, it’s safe to assume it’ll be everywhere online.


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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries