Fortnite In China Is Shutting Down After 3 Years

The Chinese version of Fortnite is shutting down after three years.

In China, the game has been running as a “test” version since 2018. Known as “Fortress Night” locally, the game never left this testing stage despite being playable for so long.

However, an official announcement on the game’s website said the game will no longer be allowing user registration. On top of that, all downloads of the game’s launcher will cease. Following that, the servers will be shut down on November 15th, meaning no one will be able to play it.

Game-Lord - Fortnite ne fera plus que 30 Go sur PC
Credit: Epic Games

Gaming Crackdown

The Chinese version of Fortnite was published by Tencent after an initial $15 million investment. It had no microtransactions, along with various other changes.

We don’t know why Fortnite is being shut down in China, but the Chinese government is cracking down on gaming online. Under 18s have been restricted to three hours of gaming per week, and online games will now be subject to a longer approval process. These restrictions are bound to affect younger gamers in China, and it seems only a matter of time before even more restrictions are introduced.

It’s possible that the Chinese version of Fortnite is being shut down as a result of the government crackdown. We don’t know for certain, but it’s very likely to have a major effect on the Chinese gaming industry.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games