Things You May Have Missed In The Halo Infinite Campaign Showcase

343 Industries has finally given us a first look at the Halo Infinite campaign since July 2020, and it didn’t disappoint.

But there are quite a few details some players may have missed. The showcase was only 6 minutes long, but 343 managed to cram a lot of information into that time. For example, it was quickly glossed over, but we got a new look at the game’s map. This brief segment of the video revealed a lot we didn’t know before.

Credit: 343 Industries

If you look closely, you’ll see that you can fast travel between various bases once you capture them. You can also use “weapon variants”, which sounds like a new take on Halo 5’s different weapon types. There’s also a total of 7 different icons for unlockable/collectible items. One very clearly shows the classic skull image from previous Halo games, confirming that hidden skulls will be in Infinite.

Skulls give players unique modifiers that drastically affect gameplay, and they’re usually very hard to find. Other icons hint at potential upgrades for abilities, or perhaps hidden terminals or data pads to collect.

A New Halo Ring

Another thing viewers might have missed came during the part of the video where new enemies are shown. We got the first look at a new enemy type, the “Skimmers”, which look like a totally new species. However, they’re toying with something that resembles a monitor (like 343 Guilty Spark). This might be our first look at the monitor of the new Halo ring we’ll be exploring.

Credit: 343 Industries

Speaking of Halo rings, plenty of new footage of Zeta Halo was shown, and it’s shaping up to be the biggest area in Halo history. There are vast canyons, sprawling Banished bases, swampy crash sites and strange Forerunner architecture all over the ring. And it seems like we’ll be able to explore upwards into the airspace above the surface too, with Chief performing a pretty epic Banshee hijack high above the ground.

Furthermore, it’s easy to miss but it looks like Master Chief can upgrade his grapple hook to electrify enemies. A brief shot near the beginning of the video shows Master Chief grappling onto a brute and electrocuting him. With the new upgrade system confirmed, it seems likely that the grapple hook will have some kind of EMP or shock upgrade.

There are plenty of other details to find in the showcase, and it’s very satisfying to finally see the campaign in action again. Halo fans have a lot to look forward to when Infinite launches on December 8th. Hang in there, Spartans – there’s not much longer to wait now!

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries