Players Can’t Get Enough Of Halo Infinite’s Grapple

Halo Infinite’s grapple has steadily turned into the star of the technical preview, and frankly, we just can’t get enough of it.

Xbox Insiders enjoyed their second weekend of the Halo Infinite technical preview this weekend. The second weekend introduced Big Team Battle for the first time. It allowed players to mess around with different weapons and vehicles in large maps. Amidst the chaos of Gravity Hammers and Skewers, one element rose to the top.

Halo Infinite’s grapple easily became the new standout feature of the upcoming shooter. Players just can’t get enough of it.

Credit: Windows Central/Microsoft

Grapple This, Spartan

Halo Infinite’s grapple isn’t the first to ever bless a video game. I was a massive fan of the grapple found in Titanfall 2, which allows you to slingshot your way across the map. This can, in part, be found in Pathfinder’s passive ability in Apex Legends. However, Halo Infinite’s grapple has to be the best yet.

Some players were quick to upload their impressive uses of Halo Infinite’s grapple. For one, players were able swing around some of the maps like Spider-Man.

Others, like IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, posted their hilarious attempts at “grapple-jacking”. This allows players to latch onto vehicles with the grapple and quickly throw enemy players out. The most wholesome grapple I saw all week was Andy Cortez from Kinda Funny Games. He was desperate to grapple onto a Banshee, and he finally managed it. I think Andy’s reaction captures how most other players are feeling about the mechanic.

Credit: Twitter

Beyond vehicles, you can grapple onto other players, which can make for some great melee kills. One Twitter user even highlighted that you can grapple grenades mid-air. Although that one will be near impossible to pull off, I’d imagine.

The only real issue with Halo Infinite’s grapple is how little you can use it. As a piece of equipment, if you want to use the Cloak or Overshield, you won’t be able to use the grapple. Grapples are also limited to just five uses. I think 343 should at least include a mode where players get to use grapples with no restrictions.

Did you try out Halo Infinite’s grapple? Let us know about your slickest Spider-Spartan moves on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: 343 Industries