Did You Know That Master Chief Urinates In His Armour?

This is almost certainly the weirdest headline I’ve written this week, but did you know that Master Chief urinates inside his Spartan armour?

It’s obvious when you think about it, to be fair. Where else is he going to stop to relieve himself? It’s not like Doctor Halsey designed the Spartan armour to include flies. An investigation conducted by Polygon has uncovered exactly how and when the Master Chief conducts his daily business.

It turns out that the Mjolnir Spartan armour is completely self sufficient and recycles all of a Spartan’s daily secretions. The futuristic technology of the 26th century means that a series of valve systems can collect everything including urine, faeces, even breath, and recycle it back into usable material.

Credit: Microsoft


This mechanic is officially referenced in the novel ‘Halo: Grasslands’, written by Karen Traviss. In one scene, the ODST main character comes across a full sized Spartan fully equipped with Mjolnir armour. The curious protagonist asks about how the Spartan relieves themselves, to which they reply: “I’m catheterized. Another reason why that machine has to be so precisely calibrated. This suit plugs into me in a lot of places.”

So, there you have it. If you’ve ever wondered how the Master Chief has time to go to the bathroom while fending off the Covenant, it turns out he doesn’t need to stop at all. The Chief can urinate to his heart’s content and not have to bother about dismantling that ridiculous suit of armour. How handy!

This is excellent knowledge to keep in mind when playing through the upcoming Halo Infinite campaign. That’s set to release on December 8th, although you can jump into the multiplayer beta right now! Sadly, the co-op and forge modes for Halo Infinite have been delayed – here’s why.


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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries]