Battlefield 2042’s Head Of Design Is Leaving DICE Shortly After Launch

The Head of Design at DICE, Fawzu Mesmar, is leaving the company following the release and troublesome launch of Battlefield 2042.

According to VGC, his departure was announced via an email that was sent to staff this week. In that email, he revealed that he had been planning to leave once Battlefield 2042 had been released.

Mesmar has served as DICE’s Head of Design since 2019, and he oversaw the Battlefield franchise as well as Star Wars Battlefront II.

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Credit: DICE/EA

In Mesmar’s email, he said “It was an absolute pleasure to serve on the best design teams in the galaxy. The incredible design work that you do continues to inspire me every day. Thank you for putting some faith in me, I hope I didn’t disappoint.”

He went on to say that he has been offered a job he couldn’t turn down at another company, but that he was able to wait until Battlefield 2042’s launch before moving.

“We opted to delay this communication till after launch to keep the focus – rightfully so – on the game we’ve been putting a monumental amount of effort on.”

Credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042 Release – The Story So Far

Battlefield 2042 was released earlier this month, and it hasn’t been the smoothest launch so far. DICE is committed to working on the game’s problems, though.

In a recent post, DICE gave us a rundown of all the fixes they’re going to be making for the game. That includes updates to progression, gun balancing and hit registration.

Employees at DICE will no doubt be working hard on Battlefield 2042, but Mesmar’s departure means someone new will have to take up the mantle as the head of the series’ design team.

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Featured image credit: DICE/EA