GTA V Still Going Strong, Surpasses 150 Million Sales

Despite it being eight years after release, Grand Theft Auto V still continues to dominate the charts as it surpasses 150 million units sold worldwide. GTA V was always going to be a massive success. But no one ever expected it to go this far. Eight years on from its initial release, we are still … Read more

This Ultra-realistic GTA V mod with 4K Graphics is what GTA VI might look like

The Grand Theft Auto community never fails to amaze. With the community size increasing every year, and new modders putting out awesome mods to enhance your experience there’s plenty of replay value for Rockstar’s open-world title. Recently, a new mod was made that showcases 4k graphics on the game and it looks stunning. This year, DoctorGTA, a YouTuber … Read more

The real reason for GTA VI’s delay is finally revealed

Fans have been excitedly talking about the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 over the last few months. Initially the game was expected to be released in 2018, but recent rumors suggests that the game has been pushed back until as late as 2020. Fans are now curious to know why GTA 6 actually got delayed by … Read more

This Fan-Made GTA VI Concept Map Will Make You Wish It Was Real

A fan of Grand Theft Auto has made the effort to come up with a concept map for the franchise’s next outing – Grand Theft Auto VI – and it’s something which’ll immediately find a following among series enthusiasts. The map at first glance comes across as being insanely big and impossible but the guy … Read more