Battlefield V Has Twice As Many Players As Battlefield 2042 On Steam

Battlefield 2042 has half as many players at Battlefield V, a game that released over three years prior to the new entry from DICE. Battlefield 2042 hasn’t had a very good launch, with players expressing frustration over the state of the game. EA’s communication hasn’t been the greatest, leading players to grow even more annoyed … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Trailer

These Classic Maps Could Be Returning In Battlefield 2042

Leaks suggest that several classic maps could be making a return in the third mode of Battlefield 2042, rumoured to be called ‘BattleHub’. When Battlefield 2042 was announced back in June, developer DICE revealed that the game will have three modes of play at launch. There’s All-Out Warfare, which is your typical Battlefield multiplayer experience. … Read more