Streamer Breaks World Record for most amount of time Streamed in a Month

Streamers have taken over the gaming space in the past few years with millions of viewers watching thousands of channels on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. With that their comes a competition. This can range from having the most viewers for a particular game or having the most viewers across the whole platform. However this is an almost impossible task for most streamers. One that is slightly easier to get is ‘The most time streamed in a month’.

A streamer by the name GiantWaffle has managed to beat the record yesterday. He managed to stream just under 403 hours in the previous 30 days. This may not seem like that much when you look at it in this size, however if you break that down into days he has streamed 13.43 hours per day. That is insane considering that most people only work for 8 hours a day and are exhausted!

To add to this he is actually managed to get to that number in only 27 days. This means that if he wants to he could potentially make it to around 445 hours in 30 days. Even more if he pushed himself. Having said that I do not recommend that, sounds far too tiring.


This record also has to be done by one person so you can’t get a load of your pals and stream around the clock while the others sleep. I wish anyone good luck who is trying to beat mr GiantWaffle but I think that this record is probably going to stand for a long time to come.

Check out the moment that he managed to break the record, and of course keep in the back of your mind that this is with 3 days left to spare as well:


There is also a comment on the Reddit post about the record which states this:

I remember one day coming across some weird russian twitch knockoff and there was a streamer house that was live 24/7 and people would donate to make them do ridiculous shit or buy them food etc. They lived solely on what was given.

This may be a Twitch record – but far from a streaming record.

Twitch record set – but maybe not streaming record – we will have to wait and see if Guinness accept it as legitimate or not!