Streamer Breaks World Record for most amount of time Streamed in a Month

Streamers have taken over the gaming space in the past few years with millions of viewers watching thousands of channels on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. With that their comes a competition. This can range from having the most viewers for a particular game or having the most viewers across the whole platform. However this … Read more

The Division Breaks Several Ubisoft Records Within A Day Of Its Launch

The Division made a very successful debut with the game selling at good pace in digital market places and retail outlets. Publisher Ubisoft announced in a press meet that the game had a record-breaking launch compared to their previous games. Although Ubisoft didn’t reveal the total number of copies sold, they mentioned that ‘millions of players’ were … Read more

PS4 Becomes Fastest Selling Console In History, Crosses 30 Million Mark

Sony announced on Wednesday that the global sales of the PlayStation 4 console has crossed 30 million units. It was first released in November 2013, roughly two years ago. Sony also added that this confirms that the PlayStation 4 is the fastest console to sale so many units in two years time in history. PlayStation 2 … Read more

Sony Predicts The PS4 Will Match PS2 Sales

Sony has been trying to get the same sales figures for their consoles ever since the launch of the PlayStation 2. The PS2 happens to be the best selling console of all time with a record breaking 155 million units sold since the system launched. Sadly, Sony’s PlayStation 3 hasn’t managed to bring in even … Read more

Sony Clarifies how long the PS4 will Regularly Record Gameplay

Earlier this month, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s R&D group Neil Brown stated that the PS4 will be able to automatically record the last “several minutes” of gameplay, due to its dedicated hardware encoder. The statement created a bit of confusion for many, because it wasn’t clear on exactly how many minutes would be … Read more