PlayStations new Handheld Console Reportedly Leaked Online

It looks like Sony want a slice of the pie that the Nintendo Switch currently owns. A recent patent by Sony seems to indicate heavily that there is a idea for a Sony handheld system.

This won’t be Sonys first attempt at a handheld console. There have been a couple of predecessors. First off we had the PSP which came out about the same time as the Nintendo DS and was meant to go head to head with it. We then got the PS Vita but it didn’t quite take a hold of gamers like Sony wanted it to. We may now have another one coming our way from the gaming giant.

A patent for an ‘electronic game cartridge’ was made public by Sony. This however was Sony South Korea and not the US branch of the company. This would make sense as the PS Vita did perform best sales wise in Asian countries. This also helps to keep it hush hush, well to an extent anyway!

Check out what was posted online by a leaker which looks very much like Sony are making a handheld console. I didn’t think I would be saying that so soon after the ‘death’ of the PS Vita.

Credit: Techtastic
Credit: Techtastic

This is all that we have to go on around the potential upcoming console however the long awaited game of the year awards are just around the corner – could we be seeing Sony announce something like this there? Only time will tell. I certainly hope so but it may be a little too soon to see anything just yet.

Sony also filed this patent last year which looks rather a lot like another console gamers have fallen in love with recently:

Very Nintendo Switch-esk.

These patents could simply be so that they have them for future use if they ever wanted them, and also to make sure other gaming companies don’t ‘take their ideas’ even though handheld games consoles have been around for an awful long time now.

It is certainly interesting to potentially see into the future of handheld gaming and I would love to play God of War on my commute in the morning – I hope this is legitimate and comes sooner rather than later!