Recently discovered Easter Egg in Spyro might just be the Cutest Easter Egg ever

Easter eggs coming in all shapes and sizes, some referencing other games or developers who worked on the game and some even go as far as to reference real life and real life players of the game. This Spyro Easter Egg is one that references a huge fan of the game and his mother. Get your tissues ready it is gonna get a little bit sad but also wholesome.

Credit: Insomniac Games/Toys For Bob

It all started when a reddit user posted in the /r/Spyro sub reddit. Here is how it went:

I was born in 1997 and in about 2001 my mom got me Spyro 3 The Year of the Dragon. It was the first video game I’ve ever played, and Spyro 1 and 2 followed swiftly after. I was really excited when Reignited was announced and my mom was really excited to watch and play it with me. She’d always call the original the “Basket Breaking Game” in our language (Punjabi). I would play it several times through my childhood and she would always acknowledge and recognize that all these years later I’m still playing that first game she got me.

On February 15th, 2018, I was diagnosed with cancer. A very curable cancer, thankfully, yet I had to do 4 cycles of chemo. It was the most nauseating experience of my life. Yet, my mom was there every step of the way.

I’m going to back track a bit to 2013. I was in grade 11 and I moved halfway across Canada from British Columbia to Ontario, after spending most of my life there. I had a hard time making friends (They weren’t bad people it’s just hard to get into a school and form meaningful bonds because everyone else has known each other for years) During this rough time, my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014. We found out it was metastatic breast cancer, which is fatal. We were fortunate to hear patients can live up to 5+ years, and this comforted me somewhat. Unfortunately, her tumor markers went up when I was doing chemo, and she needed to try different methods to bring it back down. Her cancer could never go away because it spread to a lot of different places like her bone marrow and eventually her cancer would become resistant to all these medications. We tried a bunch of methods, different chemo mostly; but nothing worked. We met with the doctor Mid-September, 2018 and his prognosis was that it would be 6 months for her to live. Shortly after she became septic and was hospitalized late September. Her doctor said she’s done a lot of chemo and her white cells wouldn’t go up anymore and this chemo can only prolong life about 2 months if it works.

I know delaying Reignited will be great for the game overall, but it jeopardizes our chances of playing it together. I don’t know if she’ll be even able to get out of bed by then and god forbid she’s not around anymore. I have my surgery on Oct. 30 to finally get rid of my cancer and ill be hospitalized for at least a week and will have a hard time moving as well. I’ve just spent so much stupid time feeling sorry for myself, while my mom has been living with that fact that every day could be the day her meds stop working for like 5 years. I never fully grasped just how awful chemotherapy is till I felt it and the things she’s done especially these past 5 years for us (her children) feeling this way and even with this timeframe she’s still smiling. Out of everyone I know she still believes i’m going to graduate and become a game dev like I wanted to. So many people have given me smack for not graduating including my own family, but she still believes in me.

That’s where my request comes in. It would be mean the world to me if we could somehow put my mom’s name in the game somewhere, like on a wall as an easter egg, so her name can be immortalized in Spyro, the first game she ever bought me and probably the last in this case. It would be cool to play it early with her but I’d really like her name in there somewhere in Spyro 3. If you guys can spread the word to Toys for Bob the Spyro Youtubers other reddits (not sure where else to post this) and help me out that’d be amazing.

I love you mom. aka (Parvinder Kaur Rai)

P.S I know this is the internet and unfortunately people do lie about this stuff, so I am willing to provide proof to the mods and others if that helps but I’m not sure what you would need for that so let me know.

Note for Mods – It’d be cool if you could pin this post, so it can get as much exposure as possible, thank you.

This was only posted at the start of October, not long before the release of the game. The Spyro devs must have caught wind of this post and added the name to the game very quickly. They added the OP’s mothers name to paintings in a certain section of the game. Check out the video by YouTuber Canadian Guy Eh below to see exactly where it is:

YouTube video

It is truly incredible that the devs of the game were more than happy to add this heartfelt easter egg into this super fans favourite game. We also wish the superfan, Chronoshadow, the best and hope we see another update in the sub reddit about him soon.

Have a good day all.