PS4 Sales are now Over 91.6 Million Units Globally

PlayStation and the PS4 has gone from strength to strength in recent times. In 2019 there were some incredible PlayStation exclusives which has lead to many more units being sold. As of December 31st 2018 91.6 million PlayStation 4’s had been sold. Sony announced in early January that they had had a stellar 2018 and … Read more

This Realistic God Of War Axe Will Set You Back Just $2500

In case you missed it, The Game Awards 2018 bestowed the honour of Game Of The Year unto the one and only God Of War. The PlayStation 4 exclusive smashed sales records when it launched earlier this year (until Marvel’s Spider-Man swung onto the scene, of course) and it wowed players the world over. The … Read more

Free PS Plus games have been revealed for December

Another month and another round of ‘free’ games for PS plus subscribers. December is here and as we all inevitably spend more time indoors due to the freezing temperatures we will need more games to play. I hope you are ready to spend more time inside than you originally planned as Decembers PS plus is … Read more

PlayStations new Handheld Console Reportedly Leaked Online

It looks like Sony want a slice of the pie that the Nintendo Switch currently owns. A recent patent by Sony seems to indicate heavily that there is a idea for a Sony handheld system. This won’t be Sonys first attempt at a handheld console. There have been a couple of predecessors. First off we … Read more

Apotheon, Nidhogg and More Indie Games Coming to PS4

Sony announced a dozen indie games coming to PS4 and other PlayStation platforms during an indie game event at their San Mateo offices. The theme of the event was the migration of famous indie games from Steam to PlayStation platforms, mainly PS4. The current list is as follows: Apotheon (PS4) Axiom Verge (PS4/PS Vita) Chasm (PS4) Don’t Starve: … Read more

PlayStation Store Update 3/13/14

The PlayStation Store has finally updated today after a slight delay. Sony sent out a message saying: And we’re live! Sincere apologies for the delayed publish on this week’s PlayStation Store Update; we faced some technical issues that prevented us from getting all of this week’s content in place by our usual 2:00PM Pacific timing. … Read more

Keep Calm ,Carry On

Gamer’s are always fighting about which console they believe is the superior console, in reality there’s a console for everyone. Maybe someone who likes laid back gaming or grew up playing on Nintendo would rather stay on Nintendo, maybe the more hardcore gamers would enjoy PlayStation or Xbox. Gamer’s are gamer’s; stop hating and get … Read more