Evolution of PlayStation Controllers

This nice infographic shows off how Sony evolved with its PlayStation Controller. Right from the PSX Days to its next-gen offering, the PlayStation 4, Sony hasn’t changed the controller’s design dramatically while still being able to make revolutionary improvements experience wise. Like they say, what isn’t broken shouldn’t be fixed. Take a look at the … Read more

Vita used as PS4 Controller explained

President of Sony Computer Entertainment of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida was once again on his twitter responding to fascinating questions left and right. He was recently asked if the PS Vita could be used as a PS4 controller. Yoshida answers, “In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use … Read more

PS4: Free-To-Play Games List

The PlayStation 4 will come with a bevy of free-to-play titles for anyone who subscribes to PlayStation Plus service. Most of these titles will be available at the launch of the console. Sony is making every effort to ramp up its free-to-play offerings on PlayStation Network with the announcement of its next-gen console. Read the … Read more

PS4 is a superior machine, Will be able to make things look fantastic

  Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot praise about the PlayStation 4. He believe the PS4 is far superior and it will deliver something unique and extraordinary.He also stated Ubisoft will be able to produce “good things from the start.” “PS4 is a great machine, we’ll be able to make things look fantastic. Because the teams are working hard on their projects, I … Read more