Gifting is Finally available in Fortnite’s Battle Royale

Fortnite boasts over 200 million registered players and had over 80 million actively play in August of this year alone. Along with all those players comes some pretty hefty demands. One of the longest running demands is of course being able to gift your friends in game items. Fortnite is usually pretty good at listening to their community on matters like these however it has taken them an awful long time to implement this feature after fans begging for it for literally 6 months.

Fortnite Gifting
Credit: Epic Games

Cosmetics are a large part of the Fortnite Battle Royale world and players have been wanting to gift friends skins and emotes to each other for ages now. Games like League of Legends have this already implemented into their game with a large amount of success.

Credit: Epic Games

If you were one of those players who wanted to gift one of your friends a nice skin then wait no longer. Fortnite’s latest update added the feature – however it will not be around for long.

If you also only play on your iOS device then you will not be able to gift as Apples policies prohibit it.

Credit: Epic Games

This gifting will initially only be around for a week as a testing period for the feature but with plans to improve and bring it back at some point in the near future.

How to gift in Fortnite

When you go into the Item Shop simply choose and item to purchase. You will then be given two options to “Purchase Items” or “Buy As A Gift”. Simply click on Buy as a Gift and then select the player you want to send the item to.

You can also add a custom message to the gift so when your friend receives it they will get a cute message too!

However be aware that there are some things you have to do to be able to give gifts:

  • Have 2 factor authentication enabled
  • Be friends with someone for 48 hours before being able to send a gift
  • You can only gift three times in 24 hours
  • These gifts are not refundable
  • You can only gift the items that are currently available in the item shop

All info can be found here.

Enjoy and make it quick before it disappears!