CS:GO Banned a Record Number of Players after its Latest Update

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most recent update saw the addition of a Battle Royale style game mode along with the game becoming free to play. This is a clever way to try and get new players for the game. Near the release of the update Counter-Strike: Global Offensive managed to rake in 672,000 concurrent players. This … Read more

Gifting is Finally available in Fortnite’s Battle Royale

Fortnite boasts over 200 million registered players and had over 80 million actively play in August of this year alone. Along with all those players comes some pretty hefty demands. One of the longest running demands is of course being able to gift your friends in game items. Fortnite is usually pretty good at listening … Read more

PUBG for PS4 Release Date has been Leaked

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be on your PS4 sooner than you think. The release date for one of the most popular games of the last couple of years for PlayStation is seemingly drawing closer. As you would have expected it isn’t so much as an announcement from PUBG themselves but a data miner that believes he … Read more