New Fortnite Xbox One S Bundle And Skin Being Released In Time For Season 6

It looks like Microsoft following suit (in a sense) and releasing their own Fortnite bundle for their new 1TB Xbox One S, which excitingly for Fortniter’s will include a full download of Fortnite: Battle Royale and an exclusive Xbox skin, pick axe, and glider – perfect timing as season 6 is almost upon us.

Previously, both Sony and Nintendo released their own Fortnite bundles for the Playstation and Switch. Even Samsung released an exclusive Note 9 skin, linking its Galaxy Note 9 launch to Fortnite’s availability on Android. Now, Xbox is putting their own little stamp on it. Titled the Eon Cosmetic Set player will receive the Legendary Eon Character Outfit, Epic Auroa Glider, and Rare Resonator Pickaxe, giving you the look of an Xbox style Terminator. Don’t worry Microsoft aren’t stopping there as the bundle will also include 2,000 v-bucks, a one month trail the Xbox Pass and Xbox Live Gold – all coming in at $299.99 (£249.99).

Whether you prefer to squad up or go it solo everybody knows that in Fortnite, other than mad building skills, skins are pretty much the most important thing to have for any player – new always means better in this case. The revenue Epic makes a month from in-game purchasing is insane, and the Xbox allows you to play cross-platform with PC, Android, Mac, iOS, and Switch. So there is no doubt that this new exclusive will draw many more new players in.

Will you be one of them?