Every Xbox One S has a tiny Master Chief hiding inside

If you have bought the all new Xbox One S, you are in for a beautiful surprise. The new slimmer and lighter Xbox One console has a Master Chief Easter Egg inside its box. However, be careful while trying to pop open the plastic case of the console or you could do some damage to it. … Read more

The Xbox One S is actually smaller than a PS4

When Microsoft announced the launch of their new console the Xbox One S earlier this year, who knew that the S would really stand for “small”. According to Microsoft’s site, the XB1S will be “sleeker, slimmer, sharper.” Although there is no real evidence to demonstrate the technical performance of the machine so far, aside from … Read more

The Xbox Slim fixes one of the worst problems with Xbox One and PS4

This year’s Microsoft E3 conference delivered a variety of exciting announcements and surprises, one of which is the fast approaching Xbox One S – a slimmer, streamlined Xbox One with a few useful features thrown in here and there, one example being the new 4K display for streaming services such as Netflix. The new console … Read more