Xbox One Slim announced at unbelievable price point, launching this August

Microsoft has officially confirmed the Xbox One S (the Xbox 1.5, if you will). It is an updated and streamlined version of the original, with a revised controller, 4K support, and great use of HDR technology. The promotional trailer (which you can view below) shows a shiny white version of the console, as opposed to the usual glossy black look.

The Xbox Slim is, fair to say, looking better than we thought.

The new Xbox Slim
The new Xbox Slim

Probably the most astonishing and unexpected thing about the new console is it’s attached price point. The console can be yours for only $299, which is incredibly generous considering the massive upgrade the console delivers. The new Xbox One S can be yours late this summer.

With 4K compatibility, new HDR technologies, and a great opportunity for cross-play between Xbox and PC, has there ever been a better time to jump in? Catch the trailer below.