Steam Has Banned Developers From Posting Misleading Screenshots of Their Games

A new policy change is imminent for Steam – and it’ll bring about changes to what we’ll see in the screenshot sections when browsing the marketplace. The changes are meant to help customers better understand what they’ll be purchasing, and will effectively ban any concept art, cinematic still images, and images ‘marketing’ the game, with … Read more

Willy Mammoth

People Are Saying This New Youtube Gamer Is Too Controversial

Willy Mammoth is back, but is he too much? Recently, the YouTuber has come under fire from a select few; they argue he’s just too vulgar. Personally, I find him hilarious. Whether the issue is that he’s missing the mark or just coming on too strong, some people just aren’t buying it. Neither of those things … Read more

Summer Lesson

This is the creepiest game available on PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR has received its first ‘creepy’ game – Summer Lesson. Available at launch, though only on the Japanese PS4 store, the game revolves around you helping secondary school student Hikari pass her exams. That’s all well and good; granted. The thing is, the schoolgirl’s age is completely unknown throughout the entirety of the game, and alongside … Read more

10 bizarre things about Pewdiepie you never knew about

One of the internet’s biggest stars isn’t simply just that. PewDiePie, who’s well on his way to hitting fifty-million subscribers on the popular video sharing platform YouTube, is an actual person (wow, well done me). As such, there are a bunch of small, interesting things you’d probably not know about him. Read on to learn more about YouTube’s biggest … Read more

video game coupon – Saving Money For Gamers is Saving Money For Gamers Las Vegas, Nevada – October 21st, 2016 – Like many other gaming enthusiasts, 26-year-old Tailorano has been purchasing his most anticipated games online for several years. Recently, he discovered and saved $33 on his last purchase by using an exclusive VGsave coupon code. “All those other coupon and deals sites are garbage,” says … Read more

Niantic Designer Just Leaked Details About Next Version of Pokemon Go

image source: Pokemon GO has been out for a while now, and holds now only a fragment of the player-base it once had; as expected, too. It takes a pretty special game to not lose popularity over time. Sometime soon, though, players might have something to finally return for. With the fairly regular updates not … Read more