PUBG for PS4 Release Date has been Leaked

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be on your PS4 sooner than you think. The release date for one of the most popular games of the last couple of years for PlayStation is seemingly drawing closer.

As you would have expected it isn’t so much as an announcement from PUBG themselves but a data miner that believes he has found out the release date.

A member of the PSN profiles forum has found references to PUBG and its release date in the console database.

They have also managed to dig up some promotional images for it. Even more importantly than promotional images is that this data miner found Content ID’s. Games only get content ID’s when they are nearing their release date. This would indicate to us that the game will be out before the end of this year.

PUBG was released on Xbox on 12th December 2017, we could be seeing PUBG on PlayStation 4 at the same time but a year later. It was believed that Xbox had a year long exclusive on PUBG on console and now that that time period is over we could be seeing PlayStation.

The Game Rating and Administration Committee in Korea states the game application has been made and the project has been rated for release.

Although PUBG or Sony have yet to confirm the information, it’s safe to say yes – PUBG really is finally coming to the PlayStation.

The news isn’t too surprising as PUBG recently left Xbox Game Preview, and despite a few issues, it’s doing pretty well for itself.

GameByte recently reported that the Xbox One version of the incredibly popular battle royale game was going to be facing a temporary downgrade thanks to some inescapable (for some) frame-rate issues.

Will you be picking up PUBG for PlayStation or will you be holding out for something else?