Red Dead Redemption 2 Zombie Easter Egg Could mean Undead Nightmare 2 is coming

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Online mode has just been released into Beta and while some fans of the game have jumped into stealing horses and playing Red Dead battle royale with their pals. Whereas some others are discovering more easter eggs in the single player campaign – will we ever stop finding easter eggs in this game?

So far there have been donkey women, scary night creatures and of course UFO’s but this one actually involves everyones favourite main character – Arthur.

If you have played the first game then you will know that there was a much loved DLC called Undead Nightmare where you had to fight zombies and try and keep yourself alive. It was stressful but also a whole load of fun at the same time. Many people have been wondering whether we will be getting an ‘Undead Nightmare 2’ for the second iteration of the game and if this easter egg is anything to go by then it certainly could be on the way!


Credit: Rockstar Games

A Reddit user posted to the /r/reddeadredemption sub reddit and gained a lot of attention on his post. Here is what he posted:

Spoiler warning

It shows that if you find this specific creepy well and get yourself down to the bottom of it and turn off your lantern you will become this pasty and very dead looking man – which could definitely be a zombie.


The OP also posted in the comments exactly where this well can be found on the map. You have to have explored a fairly large part of the map to find where Tall Trees is but when you find it you will know which well this Reddit user was meaning.

Good luck finding the well and I can’t wait to play Undead Nightmare 2 (Hopefully).