Rush Is Returning To Battlefield 2042, But It May Not Be Forever

DICE has announced that the fan favourite Rush mode is returning to Battlefield 2042, just a week after it was initially removed.

Fans were less than pleased last week after DICE removed the Rush game mode from Battlefield 2042. The mode has been a staple of the series since Bad Company 2 offering some of the best gameplay these games have to offer. It sees an attacking team attempt to blow up a series of communication towers, nourishing some interesting attack and defence tactics.

However, Rush is only available in the Portal section of 2042. As a live service title, DICE is constantly moving modes in and out of rotation, causing frustration for some players. Just a week after Rush was removed, however, it’s making it’s return as of January 13th 2022. It’s arriving alongside ‘Conquest of Ages’ and ‘RUN. STOP. KILL. REPEAT.’, a pair of community made modes.

Battlefield 2042 – No Rush(ian)

As for whether we’ll see Rush remain as a permanent game mode in Battlefield 2042, we can’t be sure. While many players would hope so, it seems that DICE is set on operating this Battlefield game as a pure live service. Players have voiced their criticisms of the game, although EA has said that it thinks players expectations are “brutal”.

Elsewhere in Battlefield news, the subreddit was nearly shut down recently after conversations on the forum were deemed too toxic. DICE has laid out a roadmap for 2042, although the first season isn’t expected to begin until March 2022.

Will you be jumping back into Rush on Battlefield 2042? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]