Battlefield 2042 Player Expectations Are “Brutal”, Says EA Employee

An EA spokesperson reckons that player expectations for Battlefield 2042 are for too lofty, describing them as “brutal”.

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t exactly been received well by fans. The incredibly rough November launch saw several bugs and a lacklustre amount of content. Developer DICE has released a lengthy roadmap to plan out the next few months, but it’s not enough for some fans of the series. With wacky holiday themed skins still releasing, some players feel like DICE needs to focus its efforts elsewhere.

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However, the global director of integrated communications at EA feels that the expectations of gamers are far too high. In a series of tweets, Andy McNamara wrote, “Back to work today, check reddit & twitter and Battlefield fans are p*ssed we didn’t do enough updates of communication during the holiday break. Guys, people gotta rest. We have things in motion but we have to figure out what is possible. We will address it when we are 100%.”

EA Spokesperson: “Love you guys but these expectations are brutal.”

Continuing, he said, “Let us get back from break and get back to work. Love you guys but these expectations are brutal. The things you want take time to scope, design, and execute.” McNamara has since taken down the tweets, writing, “Deleted the tweets. Seems my message wasn’t clear. Apologies.”

Battlefield 2042 is certainly missing an extraordinary number of features that you’d expect to see in a traditional Battlefield game. A functioning scoreboard would be a strong place to start. However, much of the community criticism appears to be stemming from the lacklustre communication from DICE and EA.

Looking at the official Battlefield Twitter account, there is no communication regarding patch notes or upcoming fixes. In fact, there isn’t even any mention of the limited time modes that are running inside the game each week.

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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]