Battlefield 2042 Adds A Santa Skin And Fans Aren’t Happy

DICE has announced a collection of Christmas skins for Battlefield 2042, including Santa, but not all fans are totally onboard with the idea.

Battlefield 2042 is already in hot water with fans and critics. In its attempt to innovate, a lot of players feel like the experience as it stands is barebones and undercooked. Us included. The developer has a long line-up of post launch content to bring the game up to scratch, but we’re still waiting to hear about exactly what that will look like.

Our first look at new content has arrived, though, in the form of the pre-season cosmetics. These items will be available for a short eight-week period and will make Specialists, weapons, and even vehicles look a little more festive. One of the unlockables goes all out and turns the Specialist Boris into a full blown Father Christmas look alike.

Credit: EA/DICE

However, not all fans are too keen on the new additions. Plenty of players are comparing the additions to Fortnite skins which are known for being particularly goofy and off the wall. While that theme fits with the style of Fortnite, members of the Battlefield community argue that this game is far better suited when grounded in realism.

The argument is out there that the developer should focus on improving the core gameplay before implementing new cosmetic items. However, this isn’t reflective of how video games are made at all. It’s unlikely that art and design teams have any influence over teams that tackle technical performance. And in a game where jet rendezooks are highlighted in the trailer, I don’t think there’s much argument for Battlefield games being grounded in realism.

How do you feel about the Santa skin arriving in Battlefield 2042? Let us know across our social channels.


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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]