Report: GTA Online to become a full blown MMO by 2020, entire DLC schedule leaked


Since the last couple of months, there has been a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding the Grand Theft Auto series. Although most of such rumors were regarding GTA 6, this time its about GTA 5.

If a post of GTAForum user named Softsecret is to be believed, the GTA fans will have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. Softsecret has only posted thrice in the GTAForum, once back in 2013, before the release of GTA 5 and twice in August this year.


Softsecret makes some very specific guesses in his posts, out of which some turns out to be true while others don’t. He’s now posted a new post that outlines Rockstar Games entire content plan for GTA Online leading all the way to 2020 and even after GTA VI’s release.

Read on to find out what is apparently is store and it’s indeed huge.

Here’s the entire post he posted back in August:

“Biker DLC: (Bikes, clothes, free roam missions) Purchase clubhouse to activate biker free roam missions. Turned out to be true.

“Law and order DLC: (Police free roam and vehicles) Purchase police vehicles to activate free roam police missions. 

“The Luxury Living DLC: (Mansions & Pets) Purchase Mansion to purchase exotic pets (Mansion grounds only). 

“The Blaine County and Paleto DLC: (Animals in free roam) Animals online syncing workaround via VIP mission type activation.

“North Yankton and Liberty City: (Online Map expansion) Paid DLC September, 2017. 

“San Fierro and Las Venturas: (Online Map expansion) Paid DLC October, 2018   

“Vice City… not until GTA 6, sometime around 2020 at the very earliest.

He also revealed some vital development details that reveals that Rockstar Games have been working on some of this content for a very long time.

“San Fierro and Las Venturas were built alongside Los santos way back in the early development stages of GTA V, Scrapped on PS3/Xbox for obvious reasons. After more than three years of rebuilding for PS4/XBO/PC, both are still being worked on with a release target of October 2018. 

He also revealed that GTA V won’t be getting any more single player content since it’s being ‘replaced’ with more GTA Online content:

“Single player DLC has been replaced with Online Map expansion model. Mainly due to the unforeseen success of micro transactions and GTA online in general. Liberty City will be released September 2017. The DLC will include: an open ticket (for city slickers) to Liberty City; an open ticket (for Snow Blowers) to North Yankton; exclusive VIP membership (for High rollers) which grants exclusive access to the casino in Los Santos! 

He also discussed some pre-order bonus and why adding new maps makes sense for Rockstar Games (despite the huge development costs involved).

“Pre Order Bonus of one million GTA Casino chips for pre order. Micro transactions can not buy GTA Online casino chips. Liberty City, North Yankton and the Los Santos Casino scheduled together to keep player migration relatively balanced. Liberty City will enable you to trade on the stock market, once an office has been purchased. Similar to the current crate set up. 

“Both DLC’s will be priced equivalent to a full game”

Image: GTA 5 Cars
Image: GTA 5 Cars


These are very ambitious goals and this rumor should definitely be taken with a grain of salt until Rockstar Games issues an official statement regarding the same.