Rumor: Rockstar has dropped GTA V single player DLC plans for this ridiculous reason

Over the years, Rockstar has been very dedicated about bringing in more and more regular content to Grand Theft Auto Online, the standalone edition to GTA V.

On the other hand, the single player segment hasn’t witnessed a single DLC release since the game launched. Rockstar had gone on record that it would be releasing singleplayer content for the game. That was back in 2013.

To make matters even worse, a new rumor suggests that Grand Theft Auto V’s story DLC has been discarded entirely in a move to bring more content to another popular element of the game.

And yes, we did say completely which means there won’t be any Single player DLC for the game, ever. And the reason isn’t fair as well.

Rockstar has cancelled all its plans to make any kind of Single player DLC for GTA V in order to focus completely on making its standalone online component called GTA Online better.

Image: Wikia
Image: Wikia

The rumor adds that there will be new updates coming to GTA Online which has already been confirmed to operate beyond 2020. Just like the GTA Online’s Executives and Other Criminals update, the game will also get new maps.

These maps will be the updated versions of San Fiero, Las Venturas, Vice City and Liberty City.

Image: Wikia
Image: Wikia

SOFTSECRETS, the source of the rumor has also claimed that Rockstar has been working on these updates since a long time, but were paused in between due to the limitations of the PS3 and Xbox 360.

SOFTSECRETS however hasn’t revealed anything about the source of the original information. But people believe that the rumor might carry some weight because it was posted back in August and they predicted the Biker DLC accurately.

Image: Ars Technica
Image: Ars Technica

Moreover, Rockstar pretty much confirmed that it had cancelled development of story DLC when Director of Design at Rockstar North Imran Sarwar spoke to IGN in September 2015.

Right now our focus is on GTA Online which has exceeded our expectations,” Sarwar said. “We currently have all key members of the team that launched Grand Theft Auto 5 focused on supporting GTA Online in every capacity.

If this rumor indeed proves to be accurate, expect a lot more GTA Online content in the coming weeks and months and some of them being the size of expansion packs.

On the flipside, you can consider the single player aspect of the game goodbye as there won’t be any new DLC packs to accomodate new content for single-player enthusiasts.