PornHub Has Revealed Which Of The Console Users Jacks Off More

If you haven’t yet heard, PornHub has just revealed its annual stats, showing its top trends, most-searched-for terms, and generally just what people have really been into in 2018.

One of the statistics PornHub has revealed might put an end to the long-standing console war, as it shows whether PlayStation or Xbox gamers have been jacking it the most this year.

Credit: Sony/Microsoft

The results may surprise you, because it seems Sony users are the biggest w*nkers of 2018.

With Sony exclusives of the year including GOTY God Of War and Marvel’s record-breaking Spider-Man, it’s pretty shocking to find out more people used a PlayStation to log onto to PornHub than an Xbox…

Another shocker this year is just how popular Fortnite searches are. “Fortnite” is now a more popular search term than “boobs,” though it hasn’t yet surpassed “big ass,” but it’s pretty close.

The safe-for-work stats from PornHub confirm: “When the Fortnite Server Outage happened in April, searches for Fortnite increased by 60% as players were looking for something else to keep their hands busy.

“The Fortnite Season 5 release caused another increase in searches, as did Fortnite Season 6 in September.

“Season 6 introduced the character Calamity who would be Fortnite’s most searched character of 2018 with 2.5 million searches.”

Credit: Marvel

There’s a whole list of pop-culture characters who’ve also made the list of most-searched for, including the likes of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Harley Quinn (Batman/Suicide Squad), Elastigirl (The Incredibles) and Rick and Morty. Hey. We don’t judge.

With the next instalment of the Avengers (Avengers Endgame) due in 2019, it’s not surprising to see characters like Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man and DC’s Wonder Woman also make the list. Again. Not judging.

Unsurprisingly, the fan-created Princess Peach and Bowser hybrid, Bowsette, has topped the charts. Searches for her hit the ultimate spike over the summer when her meme went viral.