The Fastest Selling Console Of This Generation Has Been Revealed

The proverbial ‘console wars’ are pretty much tied between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, with people rarely giving the likes of Nintendo a second thought. The gaming giants of Microsoft and Sony are often credited for releasing highly-powerful consoles that dominate the market, but the fastest selling console of this generation isn’t either … Read more

PornHub Has Revealed Which Of The Console Users Jacks Off More

If you haven’t yet heard, PornHub has just revealed its annual stats, showing its top trends, most-searched-for terms, and generally just what people have really been into in 2018. One of the statistics PornHub has revealed might put an end to the long-standing console war, as it shows whether PlayStation or Xbox gamers have been … Read more

Which Is The Best Console Of 2018?

When it comes to consoles there’s always been – and probably will be – a pretty tough war. The console war has cost many a life (not really), but which console really should be crowned the King (or Queen) of 2018? Let’s take a look… PlayStation 4 Buy it on Amazon US Amazon link UK Amazon … Read more

PC Players Better In Bed Than PlayStation and Xbox Rivals, Study Finds

UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS!  A new study by the Institute of Performance based in Cleveland suggests something that PC gamers have been saying about themselves for a long time: that they’re the best lovers. Not only is the quality of their love-making sessions the highest, but also the most frequent. To account for gamers who play on … Read more

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Directing Console Wars Feature Film

Ever wonder how the console wars ever start, for some it may be a complete mystery. While others may remember vividly the spark of the gaming industry years ago. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg hopes to capture on film the story of how the video game world became a $60 billion dollar industry. The source … Read more

Report – PS4 Memory is 50% Faster than Xbox One

Developers claim that the memory and ALU (arithmetic logic unit) of the PlayStation 4 are much faster tan the similar properties in the Xbox One. An article from Edge says that the developers ay that differences are “significant” and “obvious.” The memory reads between 40-50% faster than the Xbox One and the ALU is about … Read more