Map of Europe showing spread of Coronavirus and Pornhub logo

All Italians Get Free Pornhub Premium During Coronavirus Outbreak

I’m sure you’re aware, but this article relates to porn which requires a minimum viewing age of 18. Please proceed with caution when following links to external websites. As The Next Web reports on Twitter, Pornhub are gifting free premium subscriptions to Italian residents until April 3 2020. Italians won’t even need to provide their … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks Are Appearing On P*rnhub

Unfortunately it seems that players are leaking footage from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 on the site, uploading clips including the opening scene of the game and even an apparently “secret boss.” (We won’t be sharing any links here. Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that we’ve wanted for actual years and no, we don’t … Read more

Even Porn Stars Are Telling People To Subscribe To PewDiePie

If you haven’t come across the “subscribe to PewDiePie” meme yet then that’s a real miracle, because those three words can now be found in the comments section of news channels, the tweets of celebrities, your messages on Tindr and even in Times Square. Yes, the “subscribe to PewDiePie” meme reached incredible heights, but it’s … Read more

PornHub Has Revealed Which Of The Console Users Jacks Off More

If you haven’t yet heard, PornHub has just revealed its annual stats, showing its top trends, most-searched-for terms, and generally just what people have really been into in 2018. One of the statistics PornHub has revealed might put an end to the long-standing console war, as it shows whether PlayStation or Xbox gamers have been … Read more

Fortnite Is Now Officially More Popular Than Boobs

It’s December, which means it’s time to light the fire, turn on the Christmas tree lights and check out the annual stats from Pornhub. Yes, if you weren’t aware, Pornhub releases its end-of-year stats in December each year, and they usually show us some surprising results. 2018 is no different – in fact, it might … Read more