All Italians Get Free Pornhub Premium During Coronavirus Outbreak

I’m sure you’re aware, but this article relates to porn which requires a minimum viewing age of 18. Please proceed with caution when following links to external websites.

As The Next Web reports on Twitter, Pornhub are gifting free premium subscriptions to Italian residents until April 3 2020. Italians won’t even need to provide their payment information to get access to the free porn! Wonder if they’ll spread the generosity to other countries?

Italy is in a state of lockdown so with Pornhub’s latest free gift, it’s hoped that this will keep people occupied in doors with hours of entertainment to distract them from coronavirus. That is, provided that they don’t search for the controversial coronavirus porn that’s been popping up on the website.

It’s not just purely for sexual entertainment though that viewers are watching coronavirus porn because some of the videos do draw upon real life and reference things like “how to prevent catching coronavirus”.

Regardless of what the porn consumer heads to Pornhub for, it’s looking like they’re in for some A standard, premium content. Pornhub Premium’s Twitter count tweeted saying their ‘content library is constantly growing. This week’s playlist celebrates some scenes from our newest channels this month’.

There are 12,462 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Italy as of published data on March 12 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Deaths in Italy caused by coronavirus have reached have now reached 827, according to The Express.

Credit: World Health Organization (WHO)
Credit: World Health Organization (WHO)

We already have a wealth of free to play games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Apex Legends, but let’s hope the games industry take notes and start chucking out some freebies too…I’m looking at you Call of Duty, Escape from Tarkov and PlayerUnknownBattleground’s!

Featured image credit: World Health Organisation (left) | Pornhub (right)