Twitch Viewers Have Found Genius Way To Troll Streamers Using Pornhub Intro Music

Twitch streamers are usually up for a bit of friendly mocking and p*ss-taking in the chat, and we’ve all seen our fair share of outright trolling from subs and viewers.

If you thought you’d seen all the Twitch pranks under the sun then you might want to think again, as people have figured out how to troll livestreamers using the iconic PornHub music, and it’s absolute genius.

Credit: Twitch

The way it works is simple – get the all-too-familiar (for some, at least) PornHub intro tune to play during the stream and then sit back and watch the reactions. Expect gold not just from the streamer, but also from the chat.

10/10 for simplicity and elegance with this one.

Check out the phenomenon happening to Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby below.

PaymoneyWubby isn’t the only one to fall victim to this revolution in trolling, which looks like it’s going to be pretty popular in streams for the next few weeks…

Check out streamer UberHaxorNova getting pranked the same way – this time with the addition of a pop-up featuring the PornHub logo. A little less subtle, but at least this one’s got the jump-scare factor. Watch it below.

Of course, pranks like this aren’t always funny. Know your audience before you try and troll a Twitch chat or you might end up in a bit of trouble.

Have you seen any pranks when watching your favourite livestreamer?