PewDiePie Fans Start Petition To Change Major YouTube Feature

YouTuber PewDiePie was once famous for his horror Let’s Play videos, but he’s now mostly recognised for his social commentary videos discussing news, controversies, memes and the media.

PewDiePie makes no secret of his issues with YouTube as a platform, criticising it for its monetisation criteria, its changes to the algorithm and its tendency to push larger channels to the forefront.

Credit: PewDiePie

With a bro army of nearly 80 million subscribers, Pewds has an incredible platform for change, as proved by his charity efforts over the years. In a recent video, he questioned why his version of the failed YouTube Rewind 2018 vid didn’t appear in the Trending pages, and his subscribers are pretty riled up too.

Over on Reddit, PDP’s bro army is now tackling the platform’s controversial Trending page, the place where you’re most likely to find the videos YouTube wants you to see.

Redditor and PewDiePie fan green-tea-is-bae posted the following image to the r/pewdiepiesubmissions subreddit, where it’s currently close to 50k of upvotes.

Credit: green-tea-is-bae

It’s not just Reddit who’s angry about it, with Twitter venting some rage on the topic and branding the platform as ‘bias.’

Credit: Instagram/Marzia Bisognin

Even KFC (yes, that KFC) is questioning the YT algorithm in a hilarious and Meme-Review-worthy fashion.

Pewds’ videos have started popping up on the Trending page since his video went out, but it looks like people really want YT to rework its algorithm.

Do you think YouTube’s Trending page has a problem?

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