Pewdiepie promised he’ll delete his YouTube channel after reaching this milestone

Pewdiepie is the king of Youtube, but he’s not very pleased with them lately.

“I feel like Youtube is a toddler playing with knives. Take the knife away from that baby…” – Pewdiepie

Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding which videos are getting recommended and featured. H3H3 productions recently did a video highlighting some of the issues, where it was discovered that there is some type of glitch which is unsubscribing people from channels they previously followed. Pewdiepie was unsubbed from H3H3, for example, despite watching the channel on a regular basis.

image: youtube
image: youtube

Featured spots and recommendations of trending videos are seeming to be much less based on a person’s viewing habits and favorite channels, and are leaning towards things like movie trailers (advertisements, essentially).


Videos promoting things, that have a lot less views and engagement, seem to be getting featured higher up than the latest videos from huge channels like Pewdiepie, in the “Recommended” section.

Here’s all the background information to catch you up to date:

YouTube video

That’s the source of the frustration from some of Youtube’s biggest channels.


Pewdiepie recently quit doing his daily blogs because they weren’t performing very well, and so he assumed people weren’t interested in seeing them. Now, he knows that the reason they were doing poorly was because of the recent changes Youtube has made to their algorithm, although Youtube insists everything is fine and it’s it’s all just business as usual.

In his latest video, Pewdiepie revealed his plans for his channel moving forward, and what he plans to do about these problems.

He also told his followers exactly when he’s going to delete his channel.


After 6 years, Pewdiepie has amassed 49million+ followers. He’s nearly at 49.5million at the time of publishing this, and he has revealed that he plans on deleting his channel once he reaches 50.


His 2 main beefs are:

  • Being automatically unsubscribed from channels that you watch often.
  • Videos that you’re subbed to not appearing on your homepage at all.

And he’s willing to take drastic measures to show Youtube that he thinks they’re dropping the ball.



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“When we hit 50 million – a huge landmark, a huge deal, never been done before, no one’s even close – I am deleting my channel.” – Piediepie

He says he thinks it’s going to be pretty fun, and he’s excited to start fresh with a new channel. He doesn’t have any plans of quitting Youtube altogether.