h3h3 Blasts Sketchy CS:GO Gambling Sites Owned By ProSyndicate and TmarTn

Hold on to your seats folks, because this one is a bigge. Two of the most popular people on YouTube – ProSyndicate and TmarTn – have just been called out by H3H3’s channel for operating an illegal CS:GO gambling empire.

The link above takes you to the video where Ethan goes into great detail about the ins and outs of the operation. A little backstory to catch you up: a lawsuit has been taken up against Valve for allowing underage kids to partake in gambling online. What kind of gambling? The kind involving rare skins and variations of weapons for the super popular team-FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO for short).

Source: h3h3 Productions
Source: h3h3 Productions

The reason the lawsuit exists is that the parents of kids well below the legal gambling age are arguing with Valve about returning the money they’ve spent via Steam. They say that the system encourages users to use third-party gambling sites that allow kids to lose their money gambling for skins and such for CS:GO.

This, of course, is highly illegal, and why the lawsuit was formed in the first place. But where do ProSyndicate and TmarTn come into this?

Well, for those not in the know, ProSyndicate and TmarTn are two very popular YouTubers, with millions of subscribers each. Each have done videos of them playing CS:GO. Each have also done videos of them gambling on sites for items in CS:GO.

Both use a site called CS:GO Lotto for this purpose. In their vids- typically titled like “How to make $13,000 in 5 mins (CS:GO betting) – both YouTubers show themselves betting, and usually winning, large sums of money through the site.

Source: h3h3 Productions
Source: h3h3 Productions

Why always CS:GO Lotto, you might wonder? Well people like to use things they feel they’ve gotten to know and that they trust. Why switch sites when you keep winning on the one you’re on?

It’s a good reason, for sure. But you know, it could also be due to the fact that ProSyndicate and TmarTn actually own CS:GO Lotto.

This is where they come in to H3H3’s call-out. This discovery came about through extensive research performed by both the team at H3H3 and YouTuber HonorTheCall (who broke the story in the first place). This led to Ethan (the man in the video) talking about how much both ProSyndicate and TmarTn are both scum of the Earth.

The video includes TmarTn’s attempt at cooling the community, mentioning how his involvement with the CS:GO Lotto was no big secret, and that he hadn’t been involved with the site from the beginning.

Ethan then shows evidence of how TmarTn had went back through his videos adding disclaimers about CS:GO Lotto just after the news broke about him. Not only that, but Ethan provides a video clip of an early video of TmarTn talking about a “cool new site” he’d found called CS:GO Lotto – as if he’d stumbled upon it by accident.

That wouldn’t be so bad if Ethan also hadn’t shown the files that state ProSyndicate and TmarTn were the people who actually founded the company, with TmarTn even being the person to have filed all the paperwork.

Source: Youtuber Mario Antoinette
Source: Youtuber Mario Antoinette

Talk about being shady as f@#k. ProSyndicate, TmarTn and everyone else involved in CS:GO Lotto have probably made millions off of the site, all the while hiding their involvement. They have abused the good will of their fans and manipulated thousands of people into giving them their money, all the while pretending to just be people who used the site recreationally themselves.

ProSyndicate, TmarTn and their cohorts have a lot to answer for. Hopefully, the situation will lead to the justice required, and they get the comeuppance that they deserve.