Report: Red Dead Redemption 2 to Feature 2 Protagonists

Fans of the Red Dead series have been on cautious high alert for months regarding news of a sequel to the incredible Red Dead Redemption. Rumours near the start of the year suggested that a big reveal from Take-Two about a sequel would be seen at E3. However, nothing appeared. Apparently the big reveal was … Read more

These Random Gaming Moments Are Utterly Hilarious

One of our favourite providers of YouTube hilarity, Gamingvid, is back with yet another compilation of funny and random gaming moments. We all know that everyone appreciates games with a great story and tight gameplay. However, for every great gaming memory where something scripted and epic happened, there are at least four more featuring complete … Read more

This Guy Got The Coolest Pokémon Go Tattoo Yet

Pokemon Go’s influence on the public has been rather profound. Naturally, it wasn’t long before people got the inclination to adorn their body with pictures showing their love of the game and the Pokemon franchise in general. A number of images of people getting tattoos based on Pokemon Go have been posted on the internet. Some … Read more

New Nintendo Console Is Portable With Detachable Controllers

There’s been a lot of hype and speculation recently about Nintendo’s next console foray, the Nintendo NX. It’s been pretty low key so far, but recently some new information has come to light about it, and it’s rather interesting indeed. The new NX will apparently primarily be a handheld console. It will resemble the bottom … Read more