Top YouTubers Are Promoting ‘Bogus Loot Box’ Gambling Sites…Again

YouTube stars including Jake Paul and RiceGum have come under fire for ‘promoting bogus loot boxes’ on their channels. A website called MysteryBrand has been featured in their videos, which showcase the YouTubers winning huge prizes through mystery-loot-box-style gambling. The way it works is pretty much the same as in-game loot boxes. Before you open your virtual … Read more

Data Miners Believe They’ve Found Loot Box Files In Fallout 76

Bethesda’s launch of Fallout 76 has been riddled with problems from the get-go, but things might be about to get even worse for the company. Over on the r/Fallout subreddit a user by the name of JesMaine has posted what could be proof of upcoming loot boxes… The post entitled “‘Lunchbox’s’ appearing in Fallout 76 .esm files, … Read more

Someone is suing Valve for running an illegal ‘online gambling’ market in one of its most popular games

Image: A new lawsuit has been filed against Valve for felicitating the operations of an illegal online gambling market for one of its most popular shooters: Counter Strike: Global Offensive.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Michael John McLeod, who is a resident of Connecticut. Polygon reported that the suit was filed against the trading of weapon skins … Read more

Poker Games in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption remains one of the most innovative and successful wild west games in history. Rockstar had managed to successfully deliver another innovative and unique experience as far as open world games are concerned. The game not only possessed a great story, really well sketched out characters and gameplay but also bought with it … Read more