Alien: Isolation new deadly screenshots of Xenomorph

Alien (1979) movie by Ridley Scoot is a classic cult film famous for creating a vicious monster among all aliens possible out there, Xenomorph  – an intelligent predator. A game inspired by the same has yet to receive similar status of acclaim considering last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines which received negative feedback. But that won’t stop the team at Creative Assembly to traverse this difficult path of creativity and hope to achieve success with the new ‘Alien: Isolation’.

The team is painstakingly trying to reintroduce the Xenomorph in convincingly frightening locales, as the storyline of Isolation starts off directly after the first Alien movie.  The game is still in production but we can surely have a glimpse at what is in store of Alien fans out there, with a brand new set of screenshots.

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The game does look impressive with realistic lighting effects and details resembling the look of the 1979 movie. Hope the final result is even much better as a long wait is certain, before the game hits stores.

Alien: Isolation is scheduled to release by the end of 2014 on PS4, PS3 and other platforms.

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