The Evil Within Review

After a long wait The Evil Within is finally upon us and it does not disappoint. Conceived by the master of horror Shinji Mikami The Evil Within feels like a return to true survival horror. You enter the game as detective Sebastian Castellanos a detective with a dark past turning up at what seems like … Read more

Alien Isolation Review

Its been along time since the original Alien movie came out and Alien Isolation pays tribute to the Ridley Scott classic film. In 2013 Aliens Colonial Marines was released and was a disappointing tribute to millions of fans around the globe. However Aliens Colonial Marines was centered around action and large hordes of enemies, whilst Alien Isolation is centered around … Read more

Alien: Isolation DLC Pass Announced

The new horror game from The Creative Assembly and Sega, Alien: Isolation, has some news regarding their game. Today the Alien: Isolation DLC Pass was Announced.  The DLC pass will have access to five expansions of the games Survivor mode. In Survivor Mode, player will have to complete various challenges while avoiding the dreaded Alien … Read more

Alien Isolation preview.

Alien Isolation is set in the Alien movie franchise universe and is the true sequel to the original movie. The game is set 15 years after the movie and follows Ripley’s daughter Amanda as she hunts for her mother and tries to expose the Weyland Yutani corporation for all the death they have caused. The gameplay … Read more

Alien: Isolation E3 Demo

IGN shows off a new gameplay demo for Alien: Isolation. The demo is being shown off for those attending E3 2014 right now. Alien: Isolation is an upcoming first-person survival horror video game that is developed by The Creative Assembly. Set 15 years after the events of Alien, players take control of Amanda who is … Read more

Alien: Isolation new deadly screenshots of Xenomorph

Alien (1979) movie by Ridley Scoot is a classic cult film famous for creating a vicious monster among all aliens possible out there, Xenomorph  – an intelligent predator. A game inspired by the same has yet to receive similar status of acclaim considering last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines which received negative feedback. But that won’t … Read more