Alien Isolation preview.

Alien Isolation is set in the Alien movie franchise universe and is the true sequel to the original movie. The game is set 15 years after the movie and follows Ripley’s daughter Amanda as she hunts for her mother and tries to expose the Weyland Yutani corporation for all the death they have caused.

The gameplay is incredibly intense and handles great and despite the fact there is no way to kill the Xenomorph you can still acquire a flame thrower and other objects to distract the Xeno.

Despite the fact most science fiction games at the moment focus on getting in a space ship and flying to other planets, Alien Isolation focuses on being trapped “Isolated” on a space station without escape. Alien Isolation was one of the most popular games at E3 and that is thanks to the Oculus rift compatibility reveal. 

Also, the fact I have not played the Oculus version I have experienced gameplay and can personally guarantee it will terrify you. Unlike in other horror games hiding under a bed or in a locker wont always help, this is because the alien never does the same thing you cant know where its going to be when you respawn or what route it will take.

If it finds you running or trying to fight the alien creatures, best believe that any offensive will be futile because the Xeno can climb through vents run on roofs and even stand on its back legs to attack. The AI is crazily smart and will hunt you relentlessly and wont stop unless you stop it.

Challenge mode also gives you some idea of how the final game will play and it just makes me more excited. Alien Isolation is released on PS4 PS3 Xbox one Xbox 360 and PC on October 7th 2014.