Alien: Isolation new deadly screenshots of Xenomorph

Alien (1979) movie by Ridley Scoot is a classic cult film famous for creating a vicious monster among all aliens possible out there, Xenomorph  – an intelligent predator. A game inspired by the same has yet to receive similar status of acclaim considering last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines which received negative feedback. But that won’t … Read more

Aliens: Colonial Marines- Gearbox and Sega face lawsuit

Gearbox and Sega are facing a class action lawsuit as they have been accused of false advertising which had been done for Aliens: Colonial Marines. The suit was filed by Edelson LLC in the Northern District of California court. The lawsuit states that the publishers are in violation of several Californian civil and business codes as the trade … Read more

Aliens Colonial Marines gets Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Aliens Colonial Marines which Sega has released. The game is going to release worldwide later this week and expect a review from us very soon. You can watch the video below –