Important Things you need to know about Pokémon Go’s new buddy system

A new Buddy system for Pokemon Go was announced not long ago. It was reported that players can buddy up with certain Pokemon with each partnership allowing the player to cultivate a number of different rewards such as more candies.

With the patch 0.37 for Android and 1.7 for iOS, the system rolls out in all its glory. Here’s the full details on how the new system works.

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Essentially, when walking around using the Pokemon Go app, players will not be able to travel with a companion in the form of a Pokemon. Players can choose their own creature to walk with, and they acquire their own assigned candies once you have walked a certain distance with them.


The actual process of the system in the app is as follows:

  • Click on your player icon and go to the menu found at the bottom right
  • There should be an option to hit “buddy” once you’re there
  • Once you’ve chosen your buddy Pokemon, walking anywhere between 1 and 5KM will earn you the first piece of candy
  • Each Pokemon will earn candies through different distances, you will need to walk some further than others
  • A list of how long it takes to walk certain Pokemon before rewards are permitted can be found here

It’s a pretty simple system once you learn the certain requirements for each Pokemon – aka their candies-per KM. Some Pokemon require a further distance to reap the awards, but if you’re still active on the game then it shouldn’t take too long to start earning a good amount of candies.

What may take a lot longer is evolution through the buddy system. For example, to evolve a Bulbasaur into a Venusaur, it’ll take you around 375 kilometres which is further than a drive from New York to Boston.


The Pokemon also doesn’t actually follow you around in real-time. It appears as a buddy icon next to your own player icon so anyone wishing to completely fulfill their Pokemaster fantasies will be slightly disappointed.


Nevertheless, the buddy system is an interesting implementation into the game and it seems to improve on the core mechanics of the app. The update that includes the system also fixes: an issue where eggs hatched without an animation and includes added support for Pokemon Go Plus.