This Incredible Discovery Shows You EXACTLY Where To Find Dragonite In Pokemon GO

Dragonite is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and it is very hard to find it. If you are still trying hard but have been unsuccessful in finding a Dragonite so far, we can help you.

Finding Dragonite will now be easy as The Silph Road on Reddit has discovered the perfect place and method to find Dragonite in the wild. Here’s the explanation of the whole theory.

According to the data shared by an user named ‘sowok’ on a Reddit thread, Dragonite is supposed to spawn in a location where Clefairy spawns. To come to this conclusion, ‘sowok’ used the data he gathered from more than 6 million spawns in his native area.

This theory even worked as many players were successful in catching Dragonite after searching for Clefairy. However, the spawns of the Dragonite were pretty low.


However, The Silph Road went for more research in this theory that you’ll be able to find Dragonite by finding a Clefairy spawn. Their research yielded some interesting results.


So, it means that it’s not that easy to find a Dragonite just by using Clefairy spawns. Another Redditor named ‘iamjli’ came to a conclusion that elevation is also one of the important factor. He analysed the elevation data of more than 2000 Clefairy and 200 Dragonite spawns in order to reach the conclusion.

Now, the question that arises is that how elevated you should be to turn a Clefairy spawn into a Dragonite spawn. The graph ‘iamjli’ prepared using the collected data shows that you should be between 200 and 320 meters in order to spawn a Dragonite.

Here’s the graph prepared by ‘iamjli’:


So, you’ll need to find a Clefairy spawn which is in an elevated location in order to have far better chances of finding a Dragonite. You might still have a better chance of finding this rare Pokemon in normal Clefairy spawns but an elevated one would almost ensure you manage to spot this powerful Pokemon and capture it.

Here are the links to the original Reddit thread and the follow-up thread.