That Strange New Pokémon Has Finally Been Given A Name

Remember that weird-looking thing that was appearing for players of Pokemon Go!? The thing that had people confused about whether it was a glitch, a bug or actually a brand-new Pokemon? Well, turns out it was the latter, as confirmed by the official Pokemon Go! website. The Go! blog states: “A mysterious Pokémon suddenly began … Read more

Niantic Designer Just Leaked Details About Next Version of Pokemon Go

image source: Pokemon GO has been out for a while now, and holds now only a fragment of the player-base it once had; as expected, too. It takes a pretty special game to not lose popularity over time. Sometime soon, though, players might have something to finally return for. With the fairly regular updates not … Read more

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has introduced a new way to find Pokemon

If you’re an avid Pokemon GO fan, you’ve probably known this for a while; but it’s possible to discover new Pokemon by simply tapping on gyms. This means, essentially, you can piggyback off the success of other players, at least in terms of discoveries. Say a gym nearby you has a Mr. Mime, and you’ve not ever … Read more

Pokemon Go: Trade and Poke Fort details found in code

Image: Niantic keep cranking out the updates for Pokemon Go and they seem to be stopping nothing short of giving players the type of features that they want. A popular addition in this line of features is trading. Many users on Reddit have already found hints at trading elements in the code of the … Read more

Baby Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go, details leaked

With Pokemon Go entering its second generation, Niantic are still yet to include some of their most interesting features yet. One of these is the inclusion of baby Pokemon into the game. This new feature arrives alongside the reveal of over a hundred new Pokemon that will be in the game in the future such … Read more