Gaming Halloween Costumes That Are Scary For All The Wrong Reasons

You know what’s better than dressing up for Halloween? Dressing up as your favourite video game characters for Halloween!

Unfortunately, not every costume is scary in the right way, and we’ve sourced some of the best worst gaming Halloween costumes of 2018.

Creeper – Minecraft

Minecraft is still alive and kicking, but that doesn’t make it the best costume of ‘Ween ’18. If you love your Mojang though you can get yourself a sad-looking Creeper-inspired costume and be the person everyone wants to stay away from. A pretty good choice if you’re looking to avoid an ex at a party, but not one you’re going to impress too many people with. You can find this on eBay, here.


Probably even more anti-social than the Creeper costume, this Pac-Man ensemble looks both terrifying and painful. I’m not sure how you can contort your body into that position, or how long you can keep it up for without serious injury, but if you want to try it for yourself you can buy it here.

Freddy Fazbear – Five Nights At Freddy’s

If a picture says 1000 words, there’s not much I can add to this iteration of Freddy. Jump-scare someone in this and you’ll probably end up in prison. The tiny head, the dead eyes, the duct-tape arms…It’s scary, but is it good-scary? Buy it right here if you’re so inclined.

Pikachu – Pokemon

This is definitely a less uncomfortable costume from the looks of it, but it fails to capture the cute-ness of Pikachu, and more of the it-can-sense-your-fear-ness. Also, the shoes. Buy it here.

Cuddle Team Leader – Fortnite

If you’re entertaining Trick-or-Treaters this year then you’re more than likely going to get more Fortnite-themed costumes than Harley Quinns at your door, but if you see this Cuddle Team Leader begging you for candy maybe just turn out the lights and lock the door. Seriously, this one looks soul-less and also pretty sweaty. Pick it up here.

1980s Mario – Super Mario Bros.

Perfect for parties, with this ‘classic’ 1988 Mario mask you’ll definitely be one of the biggest scares of any parties you’re set on. Plus that mouth-hole looks like it’s the perfect size for a straw, so you don’t even need to take your mask off to get drunk. This is a rare find – grab it before it goes from eBay.

Spyro – Skylanders

Okay so classic Spyro might be a bit more apt considering the current-gen remaster is releasing in November, but what’s scary about classic Spyro? Nothing. And what’s scary about this costume? Basically everything. Also, don’t attempt a handshake with those glove-things on. It won’t end well. Buy this costume here.

Controller Button

If you’re being forced into Halloween festivities when you really want to be at home playing Red Dead Redemption 2 then this is the perfect costume for you. It’s a circle button. It also comes in X, Square and Triangle if you’re feeling super-fancy. And if you’re lucky enough to have three friends, you could all tag-team and go as a single controller. Buy one from eBay here.