Someone’s Selling Their Fortnite Account For An Eye-Watering $4000

Fortnite has made Epic Games billions of dollars thanks to its microtransactions, and the game has even helped tutors bring in the big bucks as parents buy Fortnite lessons for their kids. There’s been dance classes, laser tag, and merchandise ranging from stuffed plush llamas to clothing, but if you’re in the market to profit … Read more

This Realistic God Of War Axe Will Set You Back Just $2500

In case you missed it, The Game Awards 2018 bestowed the honour of Game Of The Year unto the one and only God Of War. The PlayStation 4 exclusive smashed sales records when it launched earlier this year (until Marvel’s Spider-Man swung onto the scene, of course) and it wowed players the world over. The … Read more

Gaming Halloween Costumes That Are Scary For All The Wrong Reasons

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Guy Conned Into Buying Xbox One Photo for $740

So the story goes as this. A kid was searching around eBay for a Xbox One and he fell for one of the many eBay scams. He bought a picture of a Xbox One instead of the actual think, we’re sure that it said it was a picture somewhere very small on the post but … Read more