Someone’s Selling Their Fortnite Account For An Eye-Watering $4000

Fortnite has made Epic Games billions of dollars thanks to its microtransactions, and the game has even helped tutors bring in the big bucks as parents buy Fortnite lessons for their kids.

Credit: Epic Games

There’s been dance classes, laser tag, and merchandise ranging from stuffed plush llamas to clothing, but if you’re in the market to profit off of Fortnite, you might want to check out eBay.

An eBay seller has listed their Fortnite account for an eye-watering $4,050. Surprisingly, there’s not been any takers yet.

Credit: eBay/iamallspark56_0

The account is described as including the rare Galaxy skin, which was only available to people who purchased the Galaxy Note9 or the Tab S4 earlier in the year.

There’s also photos of more rare skins and even some hard-to-get emotes.

The “item’s” description is short and to the point, saying simply: “You are BUYING this acc I will accept PayPal.”

Credit: eBay/iamallspark56_0

Check out the listing here. 

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty risky sell for both the account holder and anyone who might want to purchase it, as Epic Games states in its Term and Conditions of play that accounts can’t be transferred between players.

The Ts and Cs state: “You may only access the Services through your own account. Users do not own their accounts, and gifting or otherwise transferring of accounts or access keys is prohibited.”

Going against the terms of service could actually get the account banned – not something you want if $4,000 is at stake!

Unfortunately this is just one of hundreds of accounts being sold on eBay, with prices ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand.

People are watching and even buying some of the cheaper accounts on the site, perhaps not knowing they’re in violation of Epic Games’ rules.

Would you pay for a Fortnite account?