Nintendo Confirms That Dr. Mario Is Headed To Mobile

It’s been confirmed by Nintendo that the much-loved Dr. Mario will be making an appearance in a mobile game later this year. As revealed on the Japanese website for the company, Nintendo writes [translated]: “Together with Nintendo and LINE, NHN Entertainment, which has released and operated various online and mobile games, will take part in … Read more

Half Of All Nintendo Switch Players Own These Three Games

It’s been confirmed by Nintendo that 50 per cent of Nintendo Switch owners in the US own the same three games – and it’s not difficult to guess which three. The Switch has three titles of particular note, and tbf it’s not a bad collection of games to own. They – of course – are … Read more

Gaming Halloween Costumes That Are Scary For All The Wrong Reasons

You know what’s better than dressing up for Halloween? Dressing up as your favourite video game characters for Halloween! Unfortunately, not every costume is scary in the right way, and we’ve sourced some of the best worst gaming Halloween costumes of 2018. Creeper – Minecraft Minecraft is still alive and kicking, but that doesn’t make … Read more

8 Games That Have Aged Like Fine Wine

Some video games just don’t stand up to the test of time. The stories, pacing, gameplay, and graphics don’t always carry over very well to the next generation. However, some games are timeless- regardless of how much progress gaming has made since they were published, these titles are still an absolute blast to play. Here … Read more

Report: Zelda Is Coming Exclusively To Android Phones

What if I told you Nintendo’s fantastic, groundbreaking saga The Legend of Zelda might be soon coming to your Android device – and perhaps even iOS? You’d call me crazy – unless I provided some pretty assuring evidence. Well, such evidence does exist. Unless someone at Google is just a massive fan (granted, not unlikely). As seen above, … Read more