Gamer Themed Peanut Butter Lets You Game Harder For Longer

As we all know, regular food just isn’t good enough for us gamers – that’s why a company has developed a gamer themed peanut butter.

Have you ever eaten regular peanut butter while playing games and thought, “You know what, this just doesn’t cut it!”? Well, good news! A Malaysian food manufacturer is bringing a new product to market that will be just up your street [via NintendoLife].

It’s called “Jobbie Pong”, an extremely unfortunate name for any of our Scottish pals. In a collaboration between Jobbie and Zotac Gaming Malaysia, this new gamer fuel is supposed to let you game harder for longer. There’s not only peanut butter in this illustrious jar – there’s also freeze dried blueberries and strawberries for added crunch. In theory, it should bring that jam flavour straight to the jar without having to mix anything extra.

Credit: Jobbie

Jobbie pitches that this is something you should be eating while playing games. Jobbie Pong supposedly contains carotenoids which can help you look at screens for longer periods of time. It’s also apparently rich in antioxidants which are useful for cutting down those reaction speeds.

If you ask me, I’m not entirely sure that peanut butter is the best food to eat while gaming. I personally prefer a good bag of tortilla chips or a regular old bag of sweets. But if this floats your gamer boat, go for your life. It’s on sale in Malaysia for RM 56, which is about £10 or $13.

Gamers are eating and drinking pretty well right now. McDonalds has recently added the Chicken Big Mac to its menu, and Mountain Dew has introduced a new flavour.


If you manage to get your hands on a jar of Jobbie Pong, let us know how it tastes across our social channels!

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[Featured Image Credit: Jobbie/Alexander Andrews via Unsplash]