New Chicken Big Mac Arrives At McDonalds Next Week

McDonalds has us properly drooling today as it has announced that a chicken variant of the classic Big Mac is coming to the menu next week.

If you ask anyone to name an item from the McDonalds menu, they’ll more than likely jump straight to the Big Mac. The iconic beef sandwich can’t be beaten by any other fast food outlet in the eyes of many, myself included. It consists of two beef patties between three layers of bread bun. Add in some lettuce, cheese, pickles, and Big Mac sauce, and you’ve got yourself the best burger in town.

Now, McDonalds is bringing a unique twist to the menu by swapping the beef patties for chicken burgers. The new Chicken Big Mac is set to launch on the UK menu next Wednesday on February 2nd. It’s following the items great success down under. The Chicken Big Mac has been on the Australian Maccies menu for a few weeks now.

When can you get the Chicken Big Mac?

The Chicken Big Mac will launch at a price 50p more expensive than the normal Big Mac at £4.09. You’ll also have to act quite quickly if you want to grab one for yourself. It will only remain on the menu for a few weeks, disappearing on March 15th.

The Chicken Big Mac arrives on the menu with a few familiar friends on February 2nd. The Double Big Mac shows its face once again, alongside Mozzarella Dippers. In even better news, the Chicken Legend is making a heartfelt return. Oh, how I’ve missed you, dear BBQ Legend.

Are you excited to try the Chicken Big Mac from the McDonalds menu next week? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: McDonalds]